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Vicky's Weight Loss Journey

5/5/08- Just put this webpage up so far it's becoming a small journal. I plan to make into a helpful website for those looking to lose a few pounds, feel free to email me anytime.

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This is me at my highest, 252 lbs (Summer '07)... it was time for a change.

I joined the Biggest Loser Club on September of '07, I was really motivated to lose the weight. I succesfully lost 29 pounds in the next 5 weeks but when I left to visit my sister I got off track and abandoned the program. I gained 9 pounds in the next 6 months.

On April 8th, 2008 I decided it was time to get the weight off (again) and I took these pictures to document the way I looked. It's amazing how much different we see ourselves, I would've never thought I looked so obese. I used to compare myself to other people thinking that other person was fatter than me. But I'm sure they weren't, I just had the wrong image of how I actually look.

So now back at 232 pounds. I have let myself go too much over the years. I have been fat since I was 7 years old but lost a significant amount of weight in high school because I was very involved with school and friends. I was very active too back then but pounds came back on over a few years, not much but definitely gained some. My second year of college I started gaining weight and my weight kept increasing year after year until I hit my highest at 252 pounds.

When I lost my first 20 pounds I was extatic! With the 20 pounds lost I had to throw away my old pair of jeans and 1 size smaller ones!

22 pounds less later I cannot believe I've made it this far! I'm so excited about working out. I not only want to lose weight, I want to be stronger and more active. My new jeans are already getting lose on me and my bras will soon not bring enough support. I've avoided buying new clothes (except for the jeans) because I want to keep losing. I'm feeling really good about myself, my big puffy belly is decreasing and my mother said yesterday that my butt looked smaller HAHA! 

I can't wait until I'm under the 200's! I'm visiting my (slim and beautiful) sister on May 25th and I want to get to that mark by then. She's very excited that I've decided to lose weight and says she can't wait to see me. I haven't shown her the pics and don't plan to MUAHAHA!!

I'll write again when I reach my 200 goal!


June 14th, 2008- I'm at my sister's house on vacation for the summer and I haven't weighted myself in a digital scale since I got here. I keep meaning to buy one but I forget everytime I go to the store. I'm keeping with my eating routine as much as I can and I know I'm, already under the 200lbs according to my sister's scale. I'm not planning on losing a lot of weight while I'm here but I definitely have lost a few pounds. I'll get back on track when I get home. Here's my most recent picture during our trip to Mexico.

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