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FOR SALE! by Vicky

Email me for more pictures and details.
All prices are in US dollars.
Best Offers Considered
Short Payment Plans possible.
Some outfits will not be available until the dolls wearing them are sold.

Also Available:
-Complete Green Duckie for Boys $60
-Complete Baseball Outfit for Boys $70
-Euro box (empty) for Sold Separately Outfits $40
-White Oxfords + non-lace socks $20

Complete Mint Pink Sleeper with bear $70


Mint Aussie Ashblonde Midpart ringlet $350 (naked) HOLD



Just Removed from Box- Blonde Vpart $250 (naked)
Complete Blue sleeper $70


Minty Aussie R&B Ashblonde $260 (naked)


Minty Ash Blonde Vpart $200 (naked)


Very Hard to find 1988 US girl in Box $270


Very Mint Vpart $180 (naked)
Mint Blue Sailor $25


Very Mint UL Strawberry Blonde $750 (naked) SOLD


NRFB Vpart $550


Minty Red Puppy US girl $140 (naked)
Dress + Book $70 (+replica bear)
shoes $25 socks $12


Minty Aussie Midpart Rimglet- original hairties $300 (naked)
ABC Dress $120 (barrettes not for sale)


Very Mintty Ringlet Ponies girl  $200 HOLD
HTF Rainbow Seersucker mint $45
Shoes + socks $20


UL ashblonde girl $320 (naked) SOLD
Pastel Seersucker $30


Minty US boy $120
Complete Red Duckie Overalls $60
VHTF Shoes and socks $100


Very mint Brunette Vpart (SOLD
Pink Duckie $35


OOAK Sidepart Redhead $320 (naked)
Purple Party dress (short lace) +purple socks $60


Minty Brunette Ringlet Ponies (naked) $300